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The Big Sky Region is a composed of seven independent local clubs  which are member clubs of the United States Pony Club(USPC). Pony Club is the largest junior equestrian organization in the world, with worldwide  membership of 130,000 in 31 countries.  USPC has 12,000 youth, up to the age of 25, as participating members in 598 local clubs in 43 Regions. For more information about USPC, visit their website


USPC is an educational organization whose members ride horses and ponies of all sizes and types.  The use of the term 'pony' comes from the British term, which is used to describe any horse which is suitable and trained for use by a child.


The objectives of USPC are to teach riding and horsemanship, to instill in members the ability to properly care for and enjoy their horses, to promote good sportsmanship and to help each member develop as a well rounded, self disciplined and responsible citizen.  USPC and its local clubs support the ideal of a happy, comfortable child riding on the flat, over fences, and in open country, with confidence and perfect balance on a horse or pony equally happy and confident and free from pain and bewilderment.


USPC is run by volunteers, approximately 3000 of them.   All member parents are expected to volunteer their time and energy to the local club.  The club is run b a volunteer District Commissioner and other locally elected officials.


If you are interested in membership in the USPC,  please contact the District Commissioner of the club nearest you. 

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  • Annual Regional Council Meeting, Oct. 15, 2011, 10 AM, Perkins Restraunt, Butte, MT. all horse-crazy children everywhere who prayerfully wish that every horse they see in a field along the road could belong to them.   May they find Pony Club and reap the wonders of its legacy:  Sportsmanship, Stewardship, and Leadership through Horsemanship.

 Cindy Piper, USPC President 1995-1997


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