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National Pony Club Championships came to a close today and Big Sky Region Pony club members had a great week. The region sent a full Quiz team, a full Novice Eventing Team, a three person Quiz team, a partial Dressage team, and a C level Quiz individual. The week was full of memorable times and incredible experiences shared with our other regional participants. Placings for the members coming soon...


Big Sky Region Jumping Upper-Level Prep was an incredible learning experience! Sali Gear and Jaime Middleton were our clinicians for the weekend and it was an incredible experience. We worked on some really interesting jumping exercises including; course work, gymnastics, combinations, and so much more. A huge thank you to our Co-RIC's Mattie and Becca who did an incredible job planning, preparing, and executing the Prep as Well as our fabulous host Leslie of Five Valley Pony Club. Can't wait for next time!


The Big Sky Region Senior Retreat was a huge success! There was fourteen Pony Club youth in attendance and it was wonderful to see familiar faces from all over the region. This year's focus was on getting to know others within the region and doing some fun preparation for everyone's individual ratings. We worked on some team building exercises and some of the older members shared presentations on various topics such as toxic plants, how to give various shots, conformation, equine teeth and a workshop on how to cater to various learning types when making a lesson plan. The group also split into their next certification level and did some productive, group studying. All in all, it was a great weekend spent with Pony Club friends from around the Big Sky Region.


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